Domestic & Office Removals - UK & EU including Switzerland;

There're three types of house removals services that we undertake namely;

  • Full-service>>We provide all the packaging material, pack everything for you, load up and deliver to your new location placing everything in designated rooms as directed by the customer.
  • Semi-service>>Customer packs up all belongings and have it 'ready to go' then we show up at soon to be old home to load up and deliver to the new address placing everything in various rooms as directed by the customer.
  • Transport only service>>We provide the removal vehicle &  driver, the customer does all the loading & unloading - The driver would normally help with both loading & unloading.

The above three removal services are all charged at different rates so it all depends on the customer requirements, the volume of the household goods & distance between pick up & delivery addresses.

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We offer the following removal services;

*House moves can be quite stressful to anyone! 

first-hand experience to try and do this for yourself will always lead to one conclusion>>'never again!!

why then not let the experts in the field handle it for you!


Trust me, the hassle of trying to do a house or an office move by yourself is not worth all the stress in the name of saving. We'll work with you to come up with a price that suits your budget.


There're several advantages to letting a removal company do your house move for you.

  • More than anything else, you can relax in the knowledge that your belongings will be in the safe hands of people used to doing it over & over again.

  • You'll not break your back while lifting your heavy furniture & boxes full of books & clothes which can sometimes be absolutely daunting!

  • Depending on whom you've employed to do your house move, your belongings will be fully insured for any damage & unforeseen eventuality.

  • Last but certainly NOT least, research has shown that house moves can lead to untold stress which may sometimes result in family quarrels & in-fighting within the family circles>>really wise to try & avoid these at the new address.

*Let us then take the task of doing your house move!!

Transport only service

With this service, we’ll only charge the customer for transporting their belongings while the customer will arrange with family members & friends to help in loading and unloading the removal vehicle.

Cost for this is normally worked out in reference to payload  and loaded miles.

This service is mostly dictated by different customer requirements;

  • Customer affordability.

  • The size of the property & of course volume of the goods to be transported.


*We also provide white glove services to delicate Items like Pianos, all musical instruments and other home delicates.

Semi-Service removals

The customer packs all their goods especially clothing, beddings & kitchen cutlery 'ready to go' and we offer loading & unloading service.

Our trained staff know how to handle furniture taking extra care NOT to course damage to the items and at the same time to watch the walls to avoice any marks or scratches that may cost the customer in repairs.


We're experts in the 'jigsaw puzzle' of arranging items in the removal vehicle making sure these are strapped & secured properly to avoid damage in transit.


After delivery, we’ll place goods, furniture & packed boxes in the required rooms including up the stairs in various bedrooms taking extra care not to scratch walls or damage furniture in the process of delivery.

Full-Service removals


In this service, we quote & provide all the packaging materials which includes double walled packing boxes, bubble wrap, kitchen crockery packaging tissues etc


We'd wrap all delicate goods, such as framed pictures & paints in bubble wrap, pack everything ready for loading up, of course do furniture preparation for loading by dismantling the bulky ones where necessary for easier carriage (which we would reassemble after delivery) then load up following the same procedureas described under semi-sevice. 

i.e. Loading into vehicle & safely covering with removal blankets, Strapping for safe transportation, unloading at delivery address and placing all goods and furniture in particular rooms to the customer requirements.

In all cases and of course after careful consideration, please select the type of service you need while filling out your details and inventory list on the drop-down form provided by clicking on the 'contact us' tab above.

Every house mover's worst nightmare is to have the removal crew turn up on the day with a vehicle too small to contain all the household goods from the main house, garage & the garden furniture including plants as individule case may be - We have a special furniture removals calculator which we email to the customer in-form of a spreadsheet to list all the items to be collected. The customer will watch the calculator do the total volume in both cubic meters & cubic ft as you fill in the items and add the total which will let us ascertain the volume of the job at hand. This will also enable us to allocate the right size vehicle for the client as per individule requirements.

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